I’m Gary too.
I don’t care about your mother.
HA! I’m tricking BOTH of you!


The war is waged 


The war is waged 


This is the man to whom i have devoted my loyalty.


Olan Rogers describing me around people.


Olan Rogers describing me around people.


Favourite people 1/? - Olan Rogers

"My parents at a very early age planted the idea in my head that I could be anything I that wanted to be. Anything. I mean what a crazy thing to say to a kid! So many possibilities waiting to be turned into action. There was no limit. But you have to want it. It may take years! You might ask yourself what if I don’t get there. It doesn’t exist. There will be people that will say you can’t make a living out of something that you love to do. But are you really living by not doing it? You’re never too old and you’re never too young to start.” (x)


Outtakes (from the Hobbit) from Fandango's Admit One with Olan Rogers 


extreme sports


I know you guys love outtakes so I put together some outtakes from some of the Admit Ones. Seriously though we love making these and it’s a blessing to get to goof around. Can’t thank you guys enough for the support on this web series. And a huge thank you to Fandango for letting this goon make a show with his friends. We have so many outtakes but these are from about the Hobbit up to Robocop. You can watch all the Admit Ones in this playlist. Have a great Easter! :) 


As Dreamers Do


You guys… I just watched olanrogers featured in the film As Dreamers Do.


It could be the emotions that have been rolling through me today with a bunch of crazy stuff that’s been going on and with Good Friday and all, but heck.

This movie made me genuinely cry.

I’ve lost many dreams, and I’m only 19. Most of them have been lost because my physical health has been lost, but others have just fluttered and died, and I let them…

But watching this film, especially with Olan as Walt Disney… I saw Olan in Walt. I saw him as Walt and I saw a pure man pursuing his dreams with unrelenting trust that God would get him there. Walt Disney did it, and Olan Roger is doing it now.

I really want to help people when I graduate. I want to work for non-profits and work in Seattle and help people. I’m trying to make my college education count, and I’m trying to keep a hold of my dreams.

But after watching As Dreamers Do… I don’t think I’ve ever felt more inspired or ready to press through all of my doubts and hardships and stress and everything above and in between. I’ve never been more inspired by a film that was simply made to remind me to never give up. I’ve never been more inspired by the man who starred as Walt Disney - as the real life example of what it is to follow your dreams through everything and come out a better person.

I’m feeling so strong about this that I’m beginning to forget the finer points of grammar. ;)

Thank you, Olan. Thank you, Logan Sekulow. Thank you everyone for this film.

Thank you for inspiring me to never stop chasing my dreams.